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25% discount on teeth whitening

22:22 19 February in Uncategorized by Таня Недялкова

Make your smile more beautiful. Take advantage of 25% discount in March 2017 for teeth whitening. For this type of whitening we use Beyond Polus lamp, which has won numerous international awards. Whitening lamp Beyond Polus doesn't create UV radiation and allows the dental practitioner to adjust the intensity of light...


Short Frenulum

15:36 24 March in Uncategorized by admin

(Български) Какво представлява късата юздичка? Подезичната юздичка (френулум) е тъканта, която свързва долната част на езика с основата на устата, а френулумът на горната устна свързва устната с венеца...


How to prevent children’s teeth from decay

12:45 18 March in Uncategorized by admin

Caries in children in Bulgaria is extremely common. While in Western Europe and the US the disease declines, in Bulgaria it tends to increase. Only 25% of six years children don’t have tooth decay. So parents are strongly interested in how to protect the teeth of children and to reduce...