How to prevent children’s teeth from decay

How to prevent children’s teeth from decay

Caries in children in Bulgaria is extremely common. While in Western Europe and the US the disease declines, in Bulgaria it tends to increase. Only 25% of six years children don’t have tooth decay. So parents are strongly interested in how to protect the teeth of children and to reduce the unpleasant treatments in dentistry office.

Among the main causes for tooth decay are:

  • Acceptance of a lot of foods rich in sugar and carbohydrates
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Poor oral hygiene – insufficient or incorrect brushing
  • Lack of calcium and phosphorus in the body
  • Decreased immunity
  • Impaired integrity of the enamel caused mechanically or by adopting successively of very cold and very hot foods or drinks.
  • Changes in the composition and quantity of saliva.


Here are the advices of Dr. Kiril Dechev on how to protect children from tooth decay:

1.    Prevention even during pregnancy
It is important for every pregnant woman to take care for her oral health and heal her teeth duly. There is a misconception that during pregnancy can not be performed dental treatment. In fact, the dentist knows well what drugs and treatments are safe for pregnant woman and her baby. Untreated infections in the oral cavity can cause even premature birth and after the baby is born the mother with caries can forward him the bacteria, which causes them.

2.    A healthy and balanced diet
Foods rich in carbohydrates and sugar encourage the development of caries and therefore should be taken sparingly. There are some foods that have a good effect on teeth and make them suitable to complete the meal. These include avocados, strawberries, raspberries, carrots and yellow cheeses. For toddlers are suitable chewing gums with xylitol and mouthwashes.

It is good for the babies to give them some water after nursing and if you are trying to remove nursing, it must be replaced with pure water without any sugar added.

3.    Cleaning the teeth
The care for children’s teeth begins with the growing up of the first milk teeth. Make it by rubbing with lint or rubber tip of a finger. Once the child gets used with them, begin to use tooth brush and paste, consistent with age. If for some reason it is not able the teeth of the child to be washed, he/she can sip some water or to make gargle to remove food residues.

4.    Regular check-ups
Visits to the dentist should start when the baby is a few months old. The specialist will check whether there are short upper or lower frenulums (tongue-ties) that could impede successful breastfeeding, and lately the correct speech also. In Viadent Clinic short frenulums are corrected with a laser procedure that is painless, bloodless and lasts only minutes. The baby can be fed immediately after the operation.

Dental examinations should begin when the child reaches one year old and make at least once a year. The regular examinations will let to detect and eliminate problems, and besides, the child will become accustomed at an early age with a visit to the dentist. This will greatly reduce his fear and as a result will build him a habit to regularly review his teeth.

5.    Sealants on permanent teeth
The first permanent teeth grow up about six. They have chewing surface furrowed by fissures, which easily retain plaque. Moreover, at this age the degree of mineralization of enamel is not fully completed. This favors caries in children to develop very quickly.

Caries could be prevented by sealing deep fissures with sealant. The condition is the procedure to be performed properly by an experienced dentist to prevent the development of caries under sealants.